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Ceramic kilns

We make ceramic kilns even for those who don't make them at FICA. The muffle is available for firing from 800ºc to 1280ºc, with two options. You can see all the details below. Once you've chosen your plan, make your appointment via email (or form) and print out the firing sheet that will accompany your pieces. 

ceramic kilns

Fornada Only Plan

ovens - low temperature
ovens - high temperature

With this plan, you can bake the number of shelves you want or fill the entire muffle. You pay the amount corresponding to the space you occupy (oven/shelf) and the temperature at which you want to bake your pieces. Check the prices/dimensions and fill in the form that you should bring with you.

Ready-to-use plan

batch - ready to use

If you only have a few pieces and want to see them finished. We recommend this plan for up to 25 pieces. The price is per piece, varies according to the size of the pieces and includes: 1st firing, glazing service, transparent glass and 2nd firing. Check the prices/dimensions and fill in the form that you should bring with your pieces.


ceramic firing service

Confirm the dimensions of our mouflas that we use in the ceramic kilns, as well as your pieces


44.5 cm


44 cm


36,5 cm


80 L

The height of the pieces defines the height of the shelves. Props of 3, 5 and 8 cm are used, which when stacked create shelves of different heights.
In the plan Only Fornada to the shelf, we consider a shelf to be 8cm.

ovens - muffle size
ovens - muffle size
ovens - muffle size
ovens - muffle size

Next steps

If you've already found the most suitable plan in our ceramic firing service, print it out and bring the completed form with you to accompany your pieces. Don't forget to schedule your order in advance (mandatory), without which we won't accept your pieces.

Choose your plan

Check existing plans

Download the file

Download, check the information and print the form.


Once you've checked the information, book via fornadas@fica-oc.pt or form


Due to the high number of requests, a response may take longer than 48 hours.

Forecast costs

Predict the costs you will pay on the relevant forms


It is important that you read the form/conditions and agree to them. SEE FAQ


I have doubts about the ceramic paste you want to bake?

We only fire pieces if you are sure of the type of ceramic paste you have used. Ideally, you should send us the characteristics of the paste when you make your appointment.
In case of doubt, the technical data sheet must be presented.

I'm not sure which size is right for me?

You should select the closest measurement. For example: Piece Ø6.5x2cm is closest to XS 5x5x2.5cm, but please note that in cases where the height of the piece exceeds the limit, we consider the size above.

What are the minimum and maximum dimensions?

From 2.5×2.5×2.5cm and up to 37x44x38cm/18×44.5x38cm

What is the maximum number of pieces in the Só Fornada plan?

Up to 25 units.

Can I deliver glazed items under the "Só Fornada" plan?

Yes, but you must prepare the pieces for hanging by cleaning the fretwork of the glazed pieces. If the pieces are not prepared in this way, we may reject them.

Can I deliver ceramic tiles without an appointment?

No. FICA reserves the right to reject any item delivered without an appointment

Can I choose the glaze in the Ready-to-Use plan?

No, in the plan indicated, we only use the glossy transparent glaze.

I don't know if my pieces take up one or more shelves.

In ceramic kilns, it's sometimes difficult to predict how many shelves will be occupied and it's only when the kiln is fired that we can tell.

I want to fire tiles, do you have gazettes available?

We have gazettes available. In the ceramics firing service, we can fire up to 30 tiles.

I have doubts about the size of my parts, do I have to identify all the parts in the Ready-to-Wear plan?

No. You can deliver the garments, even if you don't identify the specific size of the garments. However, you will need to be aware of the prices that can be charged (size up or size down).

Terms and conditions

In the ceramic firing service, FICA only provides the service of firing and glazing the pieces, and we are not responsible for the final result. We accept no responsibility for the malfunctioning of the muffle or any power failure that may occur during its operation. The pieces are susceptible to defects and deformations due to the contraction or expansion of the materials, for which we cannot be held responsible.

The information provided by the customer must be truthful and, whenever possible, confirmed with the respective technical data sheet. It is entirely the customer's responsibility to provide accurate information about the paste and glaze.

By accepting these conditions, the customer also undertakes to prepare the pieces for hanging by cleaning the glazed pieces.

If there is an accident during cooking and there is damage to the muffle that is directly linked to its parts, you will be responsible for covering the cost of these, such as refractory plates (€36.50/each) and heating elements (€41.50/each). If the damage impairs the operation of the muffle, in addition to the items mentioned above, the cost is subject to an estimate for repair by a responsible technician.