Ceramics Workshop

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Ceramics Workshop

5 Outubro 2023 – Feriado
Quinta-feira | 10h-13h e 14h-17h

Price - 100€ (Material included)
Trainer - Rita Daniel from FICA Oficina Criativa


O Workshop Cerâmica Intensivo junta num só dia a construção manual e decoração. No workshop cerâmica intensivo irás aprender duas técnicas de conformação manual, métodos de decoração e texturas sobre barro crú, com engobes, além da introdução histórica ao mundo da ceramics, desde, tipologia de pastas e processo de transformação do barro à cerâmica.

No previous knowledge is required.
Minimum age for participation: 16 years / Accompanied by an adult (two entries): 14 years

Practical Exercise

In this ceramics workshop, the shape of the pieces is directly linked to the type of techniques we'll be covering and means that at the end* you'll take two pieces with you that are ready to use, i.e. fired and glazed.

Program Content

Theoretical introduction to ceramics: types of paste, firing, decorations and glazes
2 Manual forming technique: Slab and Pinch Pot
Finishes, collages, textures and decorations on raw clay, using engobes
*All the pieces produced will be fired, glazed and fired again by us (they will have to be picked up afterwards).

Material included

White paste (earthenware)
Cooking and glazing
Introduction to Ceramics

Waiting List

Cancellations may occur. If the training is sold out and you would like to receive an alert if there are any withdrawals, send an e-mail to workshop@fica-oc.pt, with the subject line 'waiting list - ceramics workshopIf there is a cancellation for this specific workshop, we will let you know.
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Cancellation of Registration

IMPORTANT - Cancellations/postponements/refunds of registrations (including gift voucher registrations) are only permitted if you give us at least 7 days' notice of the start of the workshop. Any cancellation with less than 7 days' notice, we will do our best to fill your place, however, a refund or postponement can only be made if your place is filled.

If a trainee fails to attend one or more training sessions, FICA is not responsible for replacing or compensating for that session.
To cancel/admit/refund, send an e-mail to workshop@fica-oc.pt
Find out more at terms and conditions from the website.

No. of trainees

Minimum number: 8pax / Maximum number: 12pax
According to our terms, the training may be canceled if the minimum number of trainees is not met - Find out more at terms and conditions from the website.
Minimum age for participation: 16 years / Accompanied by an adult (two entries): 14 years

Other Workshops

We have other ceramics workshops such as the Ceramic Decoration and Coatings Workshop. It accompanies the Workshops.


If you don't speak Portuguese don't worry we will give the workshop in english.


(Quinta-feira) 10:00 – 17:00(GMT+01:00)


FICA - Creative Workshop

Rua de Arroios 154-B


Workshop de Cerâmica | Outubro

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