Beginner's Guide to Ceramics


Beginner's Guide to Ceramics - Ana João Almeida
1st edition, March 2021
Author Convent Workshops


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O Beginner's Guide to Ceramics is now available at FICA - Oficina Criativa.

Authored by Ana João Almeida and published by Convent WorkshopsThis book is a comprehensive manual on ceramics, from its origins to firing, covering forming, coating and decoration techniques.

"The aim of this manual is to explain what clay is, its processes and its modification by human action. It approaches this technology in its natural form, understanding and teaching the extent of the resources that nature offers us. Clay is an abundant raw material, it is in the soil and can be easily collected, worked and fired. Knowing this material and having autonomy in this process brings us closer to nature, where everything is transformed, while allowing for a creative exercise that can contribute to our personal development."

Beginner's Guide to Ceramics

Layout and Graphics: Ana João Almeida / Joana Torgal

Edition: 1st edition, March 2021, Author / Oficinas do Convento

Language: Portuguese

Dimensions: 211 x 296 x 19 mm

Pages: 240

Binding: Softcover

ISBN: 978-989-33-1479-1

Legal deposit: 479550/21

Theme: Research / Ceramics / Art / Technical manual

Note: The manual includes a marker.

A publication Convent Workshops
Book structure:
- Discovering clay
- Clay and ceramics
- Forming techniques
- Coatings
- Decorating techniques
- Burning the clay

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