Ceramic paste - Stoneware


Ceramic paste
Stoneware: No chamotte, fine and medium chamotte
Color: White, Cream, Grey, Brown, Red, Black

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Ceramic paste - Stoneware

Ceramic paste is the already prepared material with which we are going to produce our ceramic pieces. (Manual Pratico de Introdução à Cerâmica, Arlindo Fagundes).
Ceramics is the craft that transforms the raw material (i.e. ceramic paste) into objects that are subjected to higher temperatures. These ceramic pastes must be fired in special ceramic kilns (muflas), which reach these temperatures. Each paste can have different firing temperature indications and are usually divided into two categories, low and high. high temperature (see the instructions for each folder).

We also have low temperature ceramic paste.

It's important to keep the paste well packaged while it's in storage. Keep the paste packed (you can reinforce it with another plastic bag), tightly closed and without holes, and store it in a cool, humid place.

Technical Data Sheet Grey Stoneware - without chamotte (PT)
Technical Data Sheet BT White Stoneware - very fine chamotte (ES)
Technical Data Sheet White stoneware - fine chamotte (PT)
Technical Data Sheet White Stoneware BG 0.2 - fine chamotte (ES)
Olaria Cream Stoneware Technical Data Sheet - fine chamotte (PT)
Technical Data NT-R Red Stoneware - fine chamotte (ES)
Technical Data NT-N Black Stoneware - fine chamotte (ES)
Technical sheet White stoneware BG 0.5 - medium chamotte (ES)
Technical Data Sheet Brown Stoneware CH - medium chamotte (ES)
Technical data sheet Grey stoneware CH-Z - medium chamotte (ES)
Technical Data Sheet CH-R Red stoneware - medium chamotte (ES)
Technical Data Sheet Stoneware CH-N Black - medium chamotte (ES)
Technical Data Sheet Stoneware CH-B White - medium chamotte (ES)

We have an outside cooking service, we do batches and high temperatures to bake your pieces.

To find out more about all the ceramic material we have available, take a look at the full range here. If you have any doubts or questions, send us an email to fornadas@fica-oc.pt

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