Liquid Engobes


Liquid engobes

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Liquid engobes are coatings based on clay and coloring materials such as oxides. They are available in various colors, which remain fairly faithful to their raw color. The liquid engobe is ready to use, 'it must be applied when the piece is not completely dry; the engobe must dry together with the ceramic body, because like the glaze, it is the water particles that will allow the engobe to bond well with the surface. Usually, just one application is not enough for the color to be well covered; only after two or three coats does the engobe become opaque. Manual de Iniciação à Cerâmica, Ana João Almeida - we have it available here.

Associated with the application of liquid engobes to the piece, which can be done in a number of ways, the most common being applied with a brush, are the different decorative techniques, such as sgraffito, decal, inlay and others. You can see some practical applications and find inspiration in our Pinterest.


Sold in 100gr, 250gr and 500gr PET jars.

Normally, after the first firing, a transparent glaze is applied to waterproof the pieces. We have an outside firing service, we do batches high and low temperatures to bake your pieces.

There may be slight color variations between the photo and the piece after baking.

In our craft store at FICA we sell engobes in larger quantities. If you're looking for more ceramic material, including pastes and glazes, take a look at the entire Ceramics range. here. If you have any questions, send us an email to

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Sky Blue, Sea Blue, Brown, Grey, Dark Grey, Cobalt, Lavender, Beige, Lettuce Green, Oil, Black, Pink, Dry Pink, White, Yellow, Sunflower, Orange, Brick, Coral, Red, Water Green, Dark Green, Purple


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