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Amenomania Collection
Number 1: Galloping
Illustrator: Mantras

A collection of benches designed and built by hand by FICA Oficina Criativa and illustrated one by one by Mantraste.

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Amenomania Collection
Number 2: GALOPAR
Illustrator: Mantras

Amenomania is a collection of very limited editions of stools created at FICA Oficina Criativa and designed by guest illustrators.
The 2nd edition, with 10 units, was hand-drawn by the illustrator Mantraste and has the name GALOPAR. The edition of 10 is signed and numbered.

a-me-no-ma-ni-a female name
Delirium in which the imagination wanders off to happy things.

Ever since we created this bench, we've felt that the workshop has been invaded by little beings camouflaged in wood. In the morning it's an elephant, in the afternoon it turns out to be a sheep. We look away and when we look again, that wooden assembly has mutated again and is no longer even an animal. We're victims of our imagination and we want to regain our sanity. Or better still, we want to drag others along with us and bring these camouflaged beings to life. That's why we thought of illustrators, who so often take us into their imaginations, to create their version. Catarina's edition will be joined by other special editions, which will be released over the coming months.

Material: Portuguese pine wood, screws, glue, acrylic paints and string.
Dimensions: H35cm x L45cm x W20cm
Handmade at FICA Oficina Criativa


Due to the manual construction and painting process, there are slight differences in each number.

There may be slight color variations between the photo of the seat and the seat itself.

See here the other edition of the Amenomania collection.

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Dimensions 45 × 20 × 35 cm

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