Screen printing kit


OFFER: CONTAINS 1 FREE 150g EXTRA INK (random color) only available on this website and in the FICA store

This kit includes:
1x Silkscreen Frame 72F - 38×29 cm
1x Wooden raclette - 15cm
1x 150g water-based ink - Black
1x 150g water-based ink - Process Blue/Gold Yellow/Medium Green (you must choose 1 option)
10x Stencil Paper - A4
10x Fine Paper - A4
1x Tote Bag
1x Eco Adhesive Tape
1x Introduction to Screen Printing Manual

The Screen Printing Kit is also on sale in the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

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Screen printing kit

Screen printing is a printing process used on paper as well as fabric. This Screen Printing Kit is designed to make your home production both possible and affordable.

The screen printing kit is designed to be used with the stencil method and includes two water-based inks, suitable for fabric and suitable for paper.

It includes a manual where we explain the step-by-step process of the stencil method, the material you need to start printing/stenciling, as well as cleaning tips. That way you can do it independently at home.

Shipping to Mainland Portugal and Islands - Azores and Madeira

What does the screen printing kit include?

1x Wooden Silkscreen 38×29 cm - 72F
The silkscreen included in the kit is made in our workshop. The frame is made of Portuguese pine wood and is 38x29cm, while the screen is made of polyester with 72F

1x Wooden raclette - 15cm
70SH wood and rubber racket

1x 150g water-based ink - Black
1x 150g water-based ink - Process Blue/Gold Yellow/Vermillion (you must choose 1 option) Paints opaque for textile printing (but also paper printing) - Oeko Tex 100 Class 1 (Phthalate, PVC, APEO and formaldehyde free)

10x Stencil Paper - A4
Mineral paper produced without cellulose, PVC, water or chlorine. It is resistant, waterproof and washable, but also ideal for making reusable stencils. Cradle to Cradle Certification (Silver)

10x Fine Paper - A4
Cyclus Offset 100% recycled (made from 100% FSC recycled cellulose). Color: Natural. Weight: 250gsm

1x Tote Bag
Tote Bag 100% Cotton. Color: Natural. Weight: 180gsm.
OEKO-TEX® Standart100

1x Eco Adhesive Tape
Kraft paper tape, with adhesive based on natural rubber (recyclable product)

1x Introduction to Screen Printing Manual
It explains the process of printing on paper and fabric using the stencil method. The manual has the following table of contents:

Tools and materials
Silkscreen painting
Stencil 1
Printing process
Stencil 2
Printing method with

Canvas exhibition

You can choose to engrave a design directly onto the screen included in the screen printing kit, using the screen exposure method. This method involves printing a photolitho with your design, emulsifying the screen and exposing it to UV light to engrave the design.

Engraving a design on the screen of the screen printing kit costs extra (€8) and can be added at screen printing exhibition.
The maximum design should be 27x18cm (however, due to the size of the squeegee included in the kit, we recommend a width of less than 15cm).


In addition to the colors included in the screen printing kit, we have other standard colors available. Fabric paintssuch as those included in this kit, but also in the range for paper inks.

The image of the box is illustrative and there may be variations in shape, color and design. The kit box also serves as a shipping box and some impacts may occur in the delivery process.
The images in the screen printing kit are suggestive and there may be variations in their shapes and colors.

The images are suggestive, there may be changes to the format and the elements included. The list shown above contains the correct list of elements included

To find out more about all the screen printing equipment and services we have available, take a look at the full range at in-store screen printing category. But if you have any doubts or questions, send us an email to

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 10 cm

Black & Process Blue, Black & Gold Yellow, Black & Medium Green

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