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Acetates for printing photolithographs, for laser or inkjet printers (our favorite)

Acetates for inkjet printers are especially recommended if you're looking for professional quality. With these acetates you will achieve excellent results due to the quality of the polyester, which is specially coated on one side, thus guaranteeing very high opacity and good ink coverage so that your final artwork is printed with very good definition and sharp details.
Application: The rough side is always printed. You should choose the most suitable profile on the printer, usually maximum quality or photo printing to get the best results and always use original ink. At FICA we currently have a professional Epson that prints up to A2, but for more home use we recommend the Epson X8200 or the Epson A3+ 1500W.
Uses: Suitable for any type of work where the use of photolithography is required: screen printing, offset, flexography, photogravure and cyanotype and techniques close to photography.

Acetates for laser printers are less transparent than inkjet acetates, which in some cases can result in a kind of haze when displaying the final artwork. However, they are just as high quality, made of translucent polyester and because they are thermo-hardened, they don't shrink or expand with changes in temperature, so you can use your photolithograph countless times when it's well preserved. It's very suitable for anyone interested in making photolithographs by hand, because of its characteristics it doesn't wrinkle and remains stable when working with liquid materials, such as India ink, Chinese ink and other aqueous materials.

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