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It's a kind of turnkey screen printing.
At Fica you can buy a ready-to-use canvas with your final artwork.



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Screen in hand is a kind of turnkey screen printing. You choose the size of the screen, the number of threads and we emulsify and expose the screen with your final artwork.

Don't forget that the final artwork must be sent in PDF with the correct scale, as well as in grayscale at 100%K black.

Materials used:
Canvas - Aluminum frame and polyester fabric
Emulsion - Dual Cure
Top quality photolithographs with inkjet acetates

Possible combinations:

  1. A4+ canvas - A4/A5 photolithography
  2. A3+ canvas - SRA3/A3/SRA4/A4 photolithography
  3. A2+ canvas - A2/SRA3/A3 photolithography

Number of threads available: 55T, 72T, 90T and 120T. Not all screen sizes have all four types of thread.

The stock of the Canvas in Hand service can vary greatly due to the combination of various characteristics, so we are unable to update it on a daily basis. However, if the canvas you want is not available, please contact us at


Tips for recorded screens:

  • Paint should always be cleaned immediately after use, using a super-soft sponge moistened with water (for water-based paints). Run the damp sponge across the canvas without rubbing, so that the paint comes off more easily. Wash the sponge and go over the paint areas again, rubbing gently. Repeat these steps until the paint has come off.
  • The emulsion lasts a long time if you follow these instructions. Otherwise it may start to come off. However, it doesn't last forever. In our experience, an engraved screen is capable of reproducing +100 units without any problems
  • Whenever you use adhesive tape, it's best to choose one that doesn't contain solvents. Ideally, the tape should be removed immediately after using the canvas, otherwise, over time, and if the canvas is washed, the tape may stick to the canvas. In this case, use a sponge to remove the tape, rubbing gently.
  • We cannot be held responsible for misuse or any damage that may occur as a result of misuse.

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A4+, A3, A3+, A2+


43F, 55F, 72F, 90F, 120F


A5, A4, SRA4, A3, SRA3, A2