Professional dual cure emulsion for all types of projects.
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Saati's Graphic HU Emulsion is a high quality dual cure emulsion, perfect for all types of canvas, from 43 thread to 120 thread. It is recommended for all types of use, both textiles, due to its resistance to all types of ink, whether water-based or solvent-based, and graphics, due to its excellent resolution and sharpness of detail.

It is a two-component emulsion, which means it needs diazo for sensitization. The mixture should be mixed following the instructions on the product, using warm water, preferably distilled. It is recommended that it is left to stand for 3 to 6 hours to allow the air bubbles to disappear, so that it is ready for use. After mixing, the emulsion has a shelf life of 4 to 6 weeks and is recommended to be kept in a cool, dry place.

This emulsion has good exposure properties with halogen or UV lamps (it only takes 118 seconds to make the exposure on our frame opening press). Once the exposure time is well calibrated, it recovers easily, even without a water pressure machine.

In addition, we have photolitho printing services, canvas display and we also recover and replace the fabric of your canvases that are no longer in good condition. See here all our screen printing services.

To find out more about all the screen printing equipment we have available, take a look at the full range here. If you have any questions, send us an email to loja@fica-oc.pt.

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