Sgraffito workshop

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Sgraffito workshop
with Clara Holt

March 15, 2024
Friday | 4PM – 8PM
Cost — 90€
With Clara Holt


sgraffito workshop

sgraffito workshop

sgraffito workshop

credits: Clara Holt


Sgraffito is a ceramic decoration technique where a layer of slip (a mixture of clay, pigment and water) is applied to completely cover the surface of the pot. Then, the potter uses a sharp tool to scratch or carve through the slip, to reveal the color of the clay body underneath.
This creates a contrasting design with the exposed clay body forming the negative space.

Sgraffito designs can range from simple lines and shapes to complex patterns and images: the technique has been used for centuries and is found in various cultures throughout the world.

The Sgraffito workshop is suitable both for beginners who have never had experience in the field of ceramics and for those who are already involved in ceramics and want to learn more about this decoration technique, sgraffito.


In this Sgraffito workshop, after an introductory theoretical part and a demonstration demo, participants will have the opportunity to practice this technique on previously prepared media available in the studio (tiles + 1 tumbler for each participant). 

Finally we will overview the work of various artists to analyze a range of creative ideas that can be realized with the practiced technique.

About the artist

Clara Holt is an Italian artist, based in Milan, specializing in decoration and illustration on ceramics. She always had a passion for classical literature, mythology and the surrealist current, which guides her research and personal interpretation of the subjects. Each piece is a one-off, illustrated with a drawing inspired by places, mythology or childhood stories. 

Waiting List

Occasionally, cancellations may occur. If the workshop is fully booked and you would like to receive an alert in case of any dropouts, please send an email to workshop@fica-oc.pt, with the subject ‘waiting list – sgraffito workshop‘, indicating your name and phone number. If there is a cancellation for this specific workshop, we will notify you. We do not make reservations for registrations for future workshops. If you want to be the first to know about next month’s workshops, you can subscribe to our newsletter.

Booking cancellation

IMPORTANT – Cancellation/postponement/refund of registrations (including registrations with gift vouchers) is only allowed if you notify us at least 7 days in advance of the workshop start date. Any cancellation with less than 7 days notice, we will do our best to fill your spot; however, a refund or postponement can only be made if your spot is filled.

If the participant is absent from one or more sessions of a workshop, FICA is not responsible for replacing or compensating for that session. To cancel/postpone/refund, you must send an email to workshop@fica-oc.pt Find out more in the terms and conditions on the website.

Number of Participants

Minimum number: 6pax / Maximum number: 9pax
According to our terms, the workshop may be canceled if the minimum number of participants is not met – Find out more in the terms and conditions on the website.

Minimum participation age: 16 years old / Accompanied by an adult (two registrations): 14 years old

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(Sexta-feira) 16:00 – 20:00(GMT+00:00)


FICA – Oficina Criativa

Rua de Arroios 154-B


Sgraffito Workshop | March

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